A large choice of surf spots used to be an crowd-free surfing experience years ago, but as surf become more mainstream and the number of surfers and surfschools has growned so much on the island, we needed so change something in the way of working, that's why we know that private or personal surf coaching is the future. All surf levels are welcome to join our coaching, perfect for people who want a private or personal surf coach during the holiday. We teach from first day beginners to intermediate and advanced longboard surfers, 365 days a year! You get coached by myself and 17 years of surf coach-experience on the island. Private or personal surf coaching is for 1 or max. 2 students.

Every surf lessons starts with theory about safety on the beach and in the water, currents and other factors which one has to be aware of when surfing. Paddle technique, pop-ups, orientation at the spot, reading waves and the correct way to be economic with your power before riding a wave, boardstands, bodycontrol etc.
A good warm-up (before) and stretch-cooldown (after) and then off to catch the waves with your instructor on a suitable board, wearing yours or one of our wetsuits, so yes, all material is included, also a drink and a healthy snack or some fruits.

After a first evaluation, we work together on your weak points or bad habits helped with video and close-teaching. Spoken languages are Dutch, English, French, Spanish some German and Italian.
It will be approximately 3 hours between leaving the school and driving back to Lajares.

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